Your efficient
and sustainable
production partner

Connected venues is a production company that strives to innovate the production space through remote production. We believe that more and better content can be created if we better utilise our resources, and use modern technologies and IP networks to do so. We reduce the need for being physically present at a specific location, and instead help our customers create great experiences and several locations at once. 

A solution for every occasion

We’re serious about helping our customers reduce emissions and costs - we have a solid track record of productions where our clients have reduced their carbon footprint, travel time and cost, while creating excellent experiences for their audience.

Fixed Installation

The benefit of a professional production crew and equipment while having the studio in your own facility.

Distributed Events

Allows audiences to share great event experiences while avoiding the disadvantages of travelling.

Remote Production

Low footprint live production - remote production brings down cost, and carbon emissions.

Why distributed?

In addition to having great experiences across multiple locations, there's also plenty of other reasons to distribute your corporate event! 


Our time is more important than ever, and post pandemic we’d rather spend our working hours on productive work, than travelling.


Travelling and expenses, together with lost productivity is one of the main cost drivers of traditional events. Distributed events eliminate much of this.


There’s no doubt that everyone has
a responsibility to reduce carbon emissions; distributed events will help you create a much lower footprint from your event.